P.P.H.U. Rego varnishing is engaged in both parts of plastic or metal. Currently we are painting mainly for the following industries: electronics / appliances and automotive.

We are using the latest technology, so is not impossible things for us. We spray painting services, both paints and lacquers solvent and water and solventborne. Being in touch with the best suppliers of paints and varnishes we guarantee the highest quality of service.

We offer painting details in full color. We have a professional lacquering cabin, tunnel drying technology using IR (infrared ) and UV (ultraviolet), which considerably shortens the curing of paints and varnishes, and electric dryers, which allows full and quick curing of paints and varnishes. Using the giants of European products in the field of paints and varnishes we guarantee the highest quality, repeatability and stability of the process.

We are painting details in acrylic and metallic colors, also we are using metallic clear-coat, in both the one, two or three-layer. We also have new technology – antygrafiti varnishing, resistant to stains applied by spray or marker. Each project is treated individually, so we are able to meet all customer requirements. We guarantee the highest quality and low prices.

The scope of business:

  1. Painting forms of plastic parts:
    • Details for industry RTV / AGD:
      • Details for cookers
      • Details for washing machines
      • Details for refrigerators
      • Details for dishwashers
    • Details for the automotive industry:
      • Details for trucks
      • Details for buses
    • Details for the electrical industry
    • Details for furniture industry
    • Other
      • Toys
      • Pens
  2. Painting of metal details:
    • Details for industry RTV/AGD:
      • Cast iron grid
    • Details for the automotive industry:
      • Exterior and interior of cars
      • The external and internal buses
    • Other


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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
Europe investing in rural areas operation, designed to increase the competitiveness of businesses and increasing the level of employment in rural areas through the provision of varnishing is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of action creation and development of micro-Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013